About the Process

In April 2017, the independent Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) selected Infrastructure Management Group, Inc. (IMG) to serve in the role of Restructuring Advisory Team to manage the process of evaluating restructurings that enhance water and sewer service delivery. With IMG’s insight, the BRP delivered its “PWSA Restructuring Options and Recommendations” on Dec. 28, 2017. In January 2018, Mayor Peduto issued an executive order adopting the BRP’s recommendations to restructure PWSA’s governance.

The BRP held a Community Forum on Jan. 30, 2018 to discuss its recommendations. During this public meeting, the panel provided an overview of recommendations intended to transform the organization into one that is high-functioning and customer-oriented, while investing in the city’s water and sewer infrastructure. The panel answered audience questions; and individuals were invited to comment on the proposed recommendations.

In March 2018, Mayor William Peduto submitted to City Council for its approval a resolution that would implement significant changes for the way the PWSA is governed. This resolution, in the form of a contract agreement between the City of Pittsburgh and PWSA, is a result of the Mayor’s Executive Order and conformed closely to the restructuring recommendations in the BRP report. The contract agreement—which has subsequently changed to address concerns of elected leaders and citizens groups, but still keeps the intent of a new PWSA governance structure intact—is currently under consideration by City Council.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission began oversight of PWSA—approving rate increase requests, taking consumer complaints and requiring plans to accelerate the replacement of aging infrastructure— on April 1, 2018. 

This website was established to gather community input and provide access to all documents that are presented to the Blue Ribbon Panel.

Blue Ribbon Panel

Fred Brown 
President & CEO, The Forbes Funds

Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis 
Executive Director, Women for a Healthy Environment

Jared Cohon
President Emeritus and University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

Mark Stulga
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Northeast Industrial Manufacturing

Alex W. Thomson
President, Houston Harbaugh, P.C.

Advisory to Blue Ribbon Panel

Alex Sciulli
ALEM Consulting

David Miller
Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

David Lassman
Carnegie Mellon University

Sylvia Wilson
Pittsburgh Public Schools, ALCOSAN Board Chair

Michael Lamb
Controller City of Pittsburgh

Deborah Gross
Councilwoman City of Pittsburgh

Lead Firm
Infrastructure Management Group, Inc. (IMG)

Tetra Tech, Uberlytics, Woodward & Curran, and Evolve EA

Grant Thornton and The Meridian Group

West Group and Buchanan Ingersoll

Community Outreach
Actual Size and Evolve EA

Ratepayer Impact
IMG and K Bealer Consulting